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Dear Parishioners,

This week Fr. Luc, Fr. Frances and I attended the annual priest’s seminar for the clergy of Hamilton diocese. With over a hundred parishes and even more priests, it is a great opportunity for the presbyterate to reconnect and have fun.

We also learn. This year’s topic was the upcoming Synod on Synodality for a Synodal Church. There has been a lot of talk about this synod. In fact, one of the preparatory elements was conversations at all levels of the church. With so much talk, it is possible to lose sight of what this synod is supposed to be about. Even priests lose sight of this. For that reason, the diocese wanted to remind us at this year’s seminar.

Unfortunately, I had to write this post before the seminar. Our bulletin deadline is Wednesday. So I can’t speak to the particulars of what was said. So if you want to know, just tap us on the shoulder after Mass. You can also learn more from Bishop Barron here:

Fr. David Reitzel


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